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Quito’s best musical learning program

After your children practice their A B Cs at school they can learn their Do Re Mis with Tararí. We offer at-home music classes for kids of different ages within the Quito metropolitan area.

Have you seen The Sound of Music? It is a 5-time Academy award winner film from 1965. In it a nun is charged with taking care of the 7 children of an Austrian Navy captain. You might have heard one of its songs which starts with “Do a deer, a female deer…”

In the film, Maria, decides to teach the children music. She teaches them the notes, teaches them to sing and to sing as a chorus. But through music she teaches them much more: things like collaboration, feelings, fun and a bit of discipline. Most importantly, music becomes a way to connect with the children and to add some much-needed fun to their lives.

...we teach them about Do Re Mi, but we also teach them about rhythm, color, reading and writing notes...
In Tararí, much like Maria, we go to children’s homes and teach them the wonders of music. Yes, we teach them about Do Re Mi, but we also teach them about rhythm, color, reading and writing notes, and many other things. Our American method insures that the children are kept interested throughout our levels and that they develop other skills through music. Musical learning is proven to improve language, logic and math skills, and has many other benefits.

We bring our own music education books, activities and instruments so that children can learn about music with several different methods: reading, writing, coloring, and playing actual instruments so they can develop their sense of rhythm and pitch. Best of all, our classes are held in English and Spanish so your children can feel comfortable learning in their own language or they can practice a new language as they have fun with music.

Are you living in Quito and interested in music classes for your children? Email us at info@tararí or call us at 0991366107.

Tararí is surely your best option for musical education in English in Quito

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