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Music classes for children in Quito

If you are looking for music classes for your little ones look no further than Tararí. We offer music classes for children at our place and at their homes. We work in the Quito area , including the nearby valley of Cumbayá.

Tararí employs an American method to teach music to small children and to develop different skills that can be applied in other aspects of the child’s life. Musical learning is proven to improve language, logic and math skills.

A Bit About Our Method

Tararí introduces music to the child as an accessible, colorful and above all, fun new language. We focus on the fundamental pillars of music –like rhythm and melody– with exercises that are memorable and fun.

We develop their sense of pitch so that children can accurately identify and reproduce different sounds and rhythms. We teach them to identify and sing notes as they read them. We also teach them to write music. This is all done through a simple, step-by-step method, that guides the child-‘s development through fun exercises. Kids love our colorful books, our games and fun rewards.

Some of Tararí’s Advantages

- We have 40 minute sessions that are tailored to each student.

- We can visit you at home.

- We adapt to your Schedule.

- We provide instruments and learning materials.

- We can teach siblings together.

- And we teach in English!

So if you are interested in musical training for your kids, write us a line at info@Tararí or call us at 0991366107.

Tararí is surely your best option for musical education in English in Quito.

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